Nevo Keidar Blum

Nevo Keidar Blum has been ranked as one of Israel's leading and most appreciated law firms.

Nevo Keidar Blum (NKB) is guided by upmost professionalism for its foreign and domestic clients. The firm’s attorneys are personally committed to each of its clients and make sure that their involvement in each case is uncompromisingly responsible and professional.

For over 20 years, NKB has been considered one of the leading, most appreciated firms in Israel, in all of its fields of expertise.

NKB specializes in civil litigation, Israeli administrative-constitutional law, commercial and corporate law, sports law, debt collection, local authority law, real-estate (specifically urban renewal), and more.

NKB’s departments work in synergy to achieve the best possible results for its clients. The firm provides legal solutions to fit various purposes and needs of its international and Israeli clients, from day-to-day legal advice, agreement formulation and composing legal opinions, to litigation and representation in various legal instances including the Supreme Court and the Labor Court. 

Among NKB’s clients are Israeli and international corporations, as well as public entities, NGOs and local authorities. The firm’s list of clients includes: Real Estate Participations Ltd., Treatment of the Incapacitated Fund, The Histadrut (Israel’s largest labor union), Mifal HaPais, The Administrator General, Municipality of Jerusalem, Municipality of Elad, Women’s Basketball League Administration, Chamber of Israeli Land Assessors, and dozens of other education institutions and various NGOs.

Cases brought to NKB’s care are assigned a high-quality and professional team of attorneys with extensive education and experience in all different branches of Israeli law. NKB’s human diversity and capital is also evident in the current legal work, delivering its clients the desired consequences and successes.

Alongside its professional and legal activities, NKB is committed to important social issues. The Firm has been operating the Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution for many years and promote gender equality and integration of children with disabilities into society. NKB promotes enforcement and legislation in various social arenas, specifically children’s and women’s rights.

Combining the team’s vast experience, professional and thorough work and client-first ideology with the social activism and guiding values has made NKB the unique, high-quality firm it is today, and helps us maintain its status as a leading and prominent firm in every area of expertise, constantly achieving success for our clients.